UX for Programs

UX as Development: It doesn’t matter if you have great content if it isn’t taught well

As you create programs, whether internally- or externally-facing, you have an additional piece that needs your attention, which will make or break the user experience: teaching.

Aimee Gonzalez Consulting helps you and your team (the subject matter experts) develop “teaching as a professional competency.”  Instilling teaching skills in subject matter experts allows your quality content to have a meaningful impact; participants will want to be part of your program, and then contribute back to it and/or recommend it to others, which makes sustainability and scalability possible.

UX as Evaluation: It doesn’t matter if your program is amazing if you can’t prove it

After you have thoroughly developed your program and launched it, you need to find out how it worked, and actually strategize for sustaining and scaling it; you want to know about the UX for the audience, and set up a positive UX for yourselves in evaluating it.

In order to get there, you know you need to answer how do we know this is worth it?” when you defend and promote your ideas to your manager or an executive team, but it can get confusing or stall out for a variety of reasons. Not a very nice experience at all.

Program Evaluation is your key. This is a formal academic field that has several approaches depending your needs and goals, served up with researched frameworks, theories, and methodologies for execution. It involves using American Evaluation Association guidelines to create an intentional process around identifying stakeholders, understanding context, collecting questions, gathering data, analyzing it, and providing insight on next steps.

AGC helps you by focusing solely on this evaluation as a contracted part of your team, and provides a smooth, systematic path forward so you can see your hard work keep going and grow.

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