Aimee Gonzalez Consulting

Let user experience do more

Program Design + Implementation

I design and implement programs that are grounded in educational research, aligned with sound user experience principles, and have measurable impact.

Website Development

I support entrepreneurs, start ups, and small businesses with website development and classical UX implementation, including content strategy and copywriting.

1-1 + Team Consulting

I work with public speakers one-on-one to strengthen how they teach their expertise, whether at public conferences or internal meetings/presentations.

Meet Aimee

Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron headshot Dec 2017

I created a framework called the User Experience of Learning to help companies intelligently invest in knowledge creation, sharing, and organization. I operate on the hypothesis that “engaged and satisfied at work” means being able to effectively learn, grow, and contribute. Engaged and satisfied employees stick around, making it easier to sustain and scale business.

I also teach as part of the User Experience Engineering instructor team at Harvard University,  write (most often) on Medium, and speak and teach in communities (Meetups, tech talks). My most recent conference appearance was at WordCamp for Publishers Denver.

Send an email and say hello, or find me on social media via the icons below. (Github serves as my UX folio.)

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